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Chinese Herbal Medicines

Using safe medicines without any side effects is the first concern with Equisol Oriental Medicine Center for Health Soulutions . Feel comfortable knowing that we research into the latest and safest Chinese and Western medicines with the highest qualities.

Chinese Herbal Medicines treat the root cause of any disease without side effects. You can also take herbal medicine while you are taking or reducing the use of western drugs / medications as well. The protocol is to be taken apart.

Ancient Chinese herbal formulas encourage and stimulate the body's natural healing forces to recover. They are completely safe with no unwanted side-effects and they are non-addictive. They are safe for all of the population.

How Do I take Chinese Herbs?

Modern techniques can transform formulas into tinctures, pills capsules or granules to make them easier and more convenient to ingest. Chinese Herbology (Chinese Herbal Medicine) is considered safe and effective when prescribed by a qualified practitioner of Oriental Medicine.


Chinese Herbology is a very safe way to treat most common ailments without any undesired side effects. The professional herbs that we use are continually tested for any contaminants and are produced in the United States. You can rest assure that we are continually striving for the best possible herbal prescriptions to give you and your family.

Difference Between Herbal Medicine and Western Drugs

herbsHerbal medicines treat the root cause of the underlying condition as defined by diagnosis and rarely have unwanted side-effects. Western drugs dominate the symptoms, have side-effects and do not eliminate the root cause. It is what we call "the band-aid" approach.

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